Taking on the role of a leader is just the beginning of a long journey toward leadership success.

It’s a great responsibility and a continuous learning process—but when you’re equipped with the right skills, navigating this road won’t have to feel like you’re lost at sea.

Action Edge—a trusted Calgary executive coaching and development organization—is here to break down everything you need to know to ensure smooth sailing toward leadership success. From making it a point to foster open communication, learning the value of self-awareness, exerting the effort to motivate your team, and more, here are the crucial skills you’ll need to have aboard:


Table of Contents | Mastering Executive Presence: Essential Skills for Leadership Success

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Strategic, Critical, Innovative, and Creative Thinking
  3. Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  4. Inspiration and Motivation
  • A Positive Work Environment
  • Recognition and Rewards
  1. The Ability to Earn Respect
  2. Integrity
  3. Action Edge: Leadership Coaching in Calgary
  • What is Executive Coaching?
  1. Map Out Your Road to Leadership Success with Action Edge


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1. Self-Awareness

This involves continuously assessing your abilities, emotions, and decision-making processes. Over time, consistent reflection enables you to adapt and evolve as necessary. Self-awareness is a crucial component of leadership success that encourages you to look at everything from a whole new perspective. You likely spend a lot of time looking at your team and evaluating them from your point of view—but when’s the last time you took a moment to pause, step back, and take a closer look at yourself from your team’s point of view?

By being fully aware of one’s own leadership style and abilities, individuals can better understand how they interact with their team members and how they can improve their weaknesses & optimize their strengths to lead more effectively.

Being self-aware not only helps leaders navigate challenging situations more effectively but it also allows them to recognize and manage their emotions during times of stress or conflict. When you have a better understanding of your own reactions and triggers, it becomes easier to remain calm under pressure—leading to more rational decisions that benefit the entire team.

It’s through this ongoing reflection and introspection that true leadership development can occur, creating thriving teams that are being guided by emotionally intelligent leaders.

Through Action Edge’s leadership coaching in Calgary, you’ll be on the fast track to better understanding self-awareness and various other essential skills.


2. Strategic, Critical, Innovative, and Creative Thinking

Reaching leadership success entails mastering the art of strategic, critical, innovative, and creative thinking. These elements are crucial in the ever-changing landscape of business.

Through strategic and critical thinking, leaders can evaluate situations better, consider various perspectives, deal with thought-provoking questions, and make more effective and informed decisions. Ultimately, knowing how to think strategically and critically aren’t the only badges you need to wear—innovative and creative thinking matter just as much. In the competitive world of business, staying ahead of the rest requires you to come up with ideas that are unique and out of the box. Basically, your thinking cap needs to have two sides to it: knowledgeable and inventive.

With the right education and leadership skills development & training, individuals can equip themselves with the tools necessary to think like a true leader. Looking for experts who specialize in Calgary executive coaching to guide you through your journey? Look no further than Action Edge.


3. Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Communication is an art form. You can paint it to be anything at all—and when it’s done effectively, it has the power to move people.

The strongest link that holds you and your team together is effective communication—one of the most essential aspects of leadership skills development. What shouldn’t be forgotten is that communication is a two-way street—and what your team has to say is always something you should look into thoughtfully to avoid unfortunate “collisions.”

Leadership success will be right around the corner if you know how to:

  • communicate clearly and effectively;
  • articulate ideas and visions in a way that motivates and engages others;
  • actively listen to the thoughts and concerns of those around you;
  • encourage open discussions; and
  • build and maintain strong relationships.

Whether it’s writing clear emails, giving thoughtful feedback, actively listening during conversations, or handling conflicts in the workplace, strong communication and interpersonal skills are a must for any leader looking to thrive in their role and make a lasting impact on those around them.

Opting for executive leadership coaching is one of the most effective ways to equip yourself with the right knowledge to elevate your communication and interpersonal skills.

4. Inspiration and Motivation

An uninspired team is bound to yield uninspiring results. It takes true leadership skills to motivate your team to move toward organizational goals. Ultimately, reaching leadership success requires understanding that motivation goes beyond just monetary incentives; creating a positive and inspiring workplace culture where employees feel empowered and inspired to excel should always be a priority.

A Positive Work Environment

Building a positive work environment takes hard work. Here are a few elements to keep in mind as you strive to keep your team inspired and motivated:

  • foster a healthy workplace culture that sparks collaboration and innovation
  • empower your team to become true masters of their craft by supporting their growth
  • uphold diversity and inclusivity
  • allow employee autonomy
  • seek input from employees to reassure them that their opinions are valued
  • give employees the freedom to take ownership of their work to boost their confidence as they see the impact of their contributions

Recognition and Rewards

While a fair salary is important, it’s often not enough to fully motivate employees to go the extra mile. Leaders must find ways to build employee self-esteem through recognition, rewards, or by providing new responsibilities that make employees feel invested in the company. By understanding what motivates each individual on their team, leaders can tailor their approach to encourage productivity and passion within the workforce.

5. The Ability to Earn Respect

There’s a fine line between fear and respect.

While some leaders might choose to instill fear in their team to make sure they obey them, wouldn’t you much rather have someone willingly follow your lead out of trust and admiration? Wouldn’t it be such an honour to be respected for your fairness, competence, and ability to inspire and coach others toward success?

Grasping the concept of what it takes to earn respect is an essential aspect of leadership skills development. While there’s no formula for earning respect, incorporating these elements into your workplace is a great place to start:

  • be an outstanding role model
  • be willing to make tough decisions guided by ethical solutions
  • address conflicts directly and tactfully
  • prioritize the well-being and growth of team members
  • set clear expectations
  • provide guidance and support when needed
  • uphold accountability in the workplace
  • honour your commitments
  • endorse diversity and inclusion
  • create a culture of respect within their team where everyone feels valued and appreciated for their contributions

Figuring out the ropes of what it takes to earn respect in the workplace doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Opting for Calgary leadership development is a game-changing move that gets you closer to your goal than ever.

6. Integrity

If your principles were to stand as the foundation of a building, how quickly would it crumble in difficult situations? As a leader, you serve as one of the main foundations of your team—and you want to be the kind whose integrity doesn’t falter under pressure.

Achieving leadership success requires the quality of having positive and strong moral principles that you refuse to change, such as the following:

  • honesty
  • transparency
  • ideal values
  • empathy
  • resilience

As you navigate the road of leadership, don’t lose sight of your moral compass.

Action Edge: Leadership Coaching in Calgary

Reaching leadership success doesn’t happen overnight. But with Action Edge’s Executive Leadership Development Coaching, you’re bound to accelerate your way through it. The development of top leaders has been a cornerstone of our offerings for the past 10+ years.

What is Executive Coaching?

Through executive coaching, we leverage our top-notch resources and programs to ensure both professional and personal growth. Catering to leaders of all levels, you can trust our experts to harness the best of your natural skills and behaviours while bringing awareness and improvements to the areas that need improvement.

By monitoring your strengths and weaknesses, we can help ensure you’re continuously growing and equipped to lead an organization and carry your business & team to new levels of success.

Our Executive Leadership Development Coaching programs begin with a complimentary consultation and interview.

Map Out Your Road to Leadership Success with Action Edge

When it comes to effective leadership skills development, Action Edge consistently takes the lead.

You don’t just want to be a leader who’s just present. You want to be a leader whose presence matters and makes a difference.

Leadership success is closer than you think. Talk to us today to take the first step to top-tier Calgary leadership development.