OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
Focused Workshops


For more information about OKRs and why they are becoming increasingly popular with leading organizations and leaders, visit our primary OKR page HERE.


Many of our client organizations will receive their OKR fundamentals training as well as their guided OKR creation workshops as a component of their main program, however our OKR workshops and trainings are available as individual services as well.

OKR based events we facilitate for organizations include:

OKR Training

Whether it’s your team’s introduction to OKRs and a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals is required, or your team is fairly seasoned in OKRs and simply wants to keep the blade sharp, our OKR training workshops are the consistent education hub for more and more companies every year. Sometimes the trainings are run exclusively for the CEO and senior leadership team as they are still in the process of deciding if OKRs are going to be an appropriate solution in their organization, and sometimes the decision and executive advocacy for OKRs is firmly in place and we run trainings for over 50 attendees at a time. These trainings can be done at one of our BC or Alberta training centers or over zoom as well. Workshop duration is custom and determined during initial discussions but minimum time for initial fundamental OKR training is one day. 

OKR Annual and Quarterly Updates

Ideally the company level OKRs will be set out for the entire year, while the department or senior managers level OKRs will be updated at a 90 day cadence. If your team is committed to making OKRs a priority it certainly helps to lock in yearly schedule into the calendar – primarily, the yearly planning/OKR setting retreat and the subsequent quarterly planning/OKR setting retreats. As per usual, most organizations prefer to escape their environments for the annual planning and have us facilitate their workshop at one of our western Canada offices, but often the quarterly sessions are performed over zoom. Duration and agenda are determined after consultation with the client organization.

OKR Audits

Although not as common as the above two services, some companies have our team ‘audit’ their draft OKRs prior to committing them to their final version.