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Harness the Full Potential of Our Executive Leadership Team

One fist is stronger than five fingers. How do you take executives who have risen to the top as leaders and ensure they continue to reach results as a powerful team?  We forge this synergy of top performers week in and week out within our clients’ organizations. We begin with reminding  every leader of the 5 key constituents they serve.

Show Us How We Can Streamline our Strategic Execution

As marketplace complexity rises, your organization must continue to bring increasing clarity and simplicity to how you construct, control, monitor, and re-set your strategic execution. And in today’s workplace execution progress is transparent in real-time bringing all levels of management’s objectives and key results into plain view.

Provide Us a Consistent and Reliable Resource for Developing our Future and Current Leaders

 What is the impact to your organization when the team members are consistently developing as professional leaders. Our leadership development training and executive coaching has a track record of results and CEO’s covet the bench strength of personnel we can dedicate to large organizations – ensuring a consistency in content and context. Internal leadership coaching and mentoring is becoming less and less effective and relevant. Top organizations are engaging external professionals for this job for a host of reasons not the least of which being – top talent is expecting to be paired with an elite executive coach.

Train Us How to Add Zeros onto the End of our Numbers

Every organization is capable of multiplying financial results through complete comprehension and dedication to the 5 core disciplines of Mission, Strategy, Business Development, People, and Execution. We guide your team from initial awareness and concept attainment right through to ensure continuity and stability using the 5 core disciplines approach. As an accomplished executive and leader being busy is a given, being important is a given, being relied upon is a given, but take pause and reflect upon whether you are adding zeros, or adding zero.  

Facilitate and Design a Hyper-Contextual Workshop Retreat for our Leadership Team

Whether it is a yearly planning retreat, our quarterly planning sessions, or one of our hallmark adventure infused training retreats, we will not conduct any event unless we are entirely convinced there will be lasting impact and residual results. After fully understanding your expected outcomes we create a custom session for your team. Beautiful Predator Ridge BC, and our mountain view office in Canmore AB are destination favorites though we have conducted these in hundreds of locations.

Bring OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) into Our Organization

We train your team on OKRs, guide your annual cadence company OKRs and quarterly cadence department OKRs, and become your organization’s OKR champion.

Start Here.

Pull back the curtain and uncover the truth about your organization.

The 5 Disciplines Assessment


A fast way to see how your executive  leadership team scores your company across core areas, The 5 Disciplines Assessment is a powerful resource. The results of the assessment are guaranteed to ignite new conversations in your organization. Review of the assessment brings more emphasis and clarity to areas you have already deemed priority and clears fog away from critical aspects of your company which may have been previously neglected. Read more…

What We Offer

Executive Leadership and Talent Development

Jim Rohn said ‘work harder on yourself than you do on your job’, he also said ‘never wish things were easier, wish that you were better.’ The legendary and profound sentiments of Mr. Rohn ring just as true for C-Level executives as they do for anyone else. CEOs rely on us to bring consistent, reliable, and impactful results to their executives from an external (outside the company) vantage allowing for a professional relationship entirely unencumbered by internal organizational politics and/or personal designs.

Adding Zeros Training

Exceptional companies are not born that way, they have been forged through years of hard work, dedication, and knowing where to most appropriately and precisely direct their unyielding efforts and dedication. Our Adding Zeros training provides organizations an overview, and subsequent deep-dive into the framework and core organizational areas where successful companies concentrate their attention and perspiration. We’ll teach your leaders the 5 Disciplines and how to impact results in each; the 5 disciplines are symbiotic principles that, when identified and used to direct organizational objectives, will seed exponential growth in your corporate performance – adding zeros onto the back of your numbers. We believe a successful company is sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent, and emotionally connected to your customers, your community, and your team; Adding Zeros training puts you on the path to this definition.

CEO and Executive Coaching

The duties and responsibilities of an elite executive extend far beyond just making sure your employees are doing their work properly; the position is one of leadership, and therefore the position is one of service. We work with CEO’s and their executive leadership teams to ensure they are always serving their 5 constituents: the stakeholders, the company, the team, the customers, and the community. When we harness the unique strengths of your individual executives and align their combined focus towards serving these 5 groups – leadership influence and company results soar. Besides the underlying drive for corporate and individual performance, there are times when training and executive coaching is critical to holding up standards and maintaining a level head when making important decisions. 

Annual and Quarterly Executive Team Planning Workshops

The most common, and recommended, planning schedule for the organizations we engage with is to set company level objectives annually and set the department level objectives on a 90 day cadence. Whether as a built in component of your program or as a introductory request, we will work with you to design, and then facilitate your team planning workshop. We frequently travel to destination locations for these events and also host several at our mountain view office in Canmore, AB and at the Hockey Canada lodge in beautiful Predator Ridge, BC.

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Training and Facilitation

Among the first firms based in western Canada to incorporate OKR execution planning and goal setting into executive development programs we are receiving ever-increasing interest from leaders and CEOs interested in OKRs. And for good reason. As marketplace dynamics become more and more complex and goal posts concerning the very foundations of what is considered a professional workplace continue to shift, fast growing organizations are looking to simplify their strategic thinking and execution planning – enter the OKR framework.

Executive Leadership Team Workshop Retreats

We receive inquiries from all over North America about our custom intentionally contextual leadership team workshop retreats. The events are designed to be a combination of focused training, planning, re-aligning to vision and an out-of-workspace team building activity planned to enhance the lesson or theme desired. In the past year alone we’ve had executives in boxing studios, gin distilleries, glacial lakes, and 700 meters underground in mountain caves. If you’re looking for a simple escape for the team and not too concerned with lasting or residual impact to your people and organization – our workshop retreats will not be a fit. We are committed to only facilitating and leading events that will catalyze individual and corporate performance and alignment. 

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Our Functional Model

Based on the structure identified in our Adding Zeros program, our working model brings awareness, education, execution, and organizational discipline/accountability to the 5 core company disciplines of Mission, Strategy, Business Development, People, and Execution. Dedication and commitment to the 5 disciplines is strengthened with focused resolve for serving a company’s 5 constituents: Stakeholders, Team, Customer, Company, and Community. Our model shows how the different elements are all interconnected and how exponential progress is possible when a company has each in focus simultaneously.  

Our Definition of a Great Company

A great business is one that is achieving ultimate, optimal success by being sustainable, predicable, stable, consistent and has an emotional connection with its team, customers, stakeholders and community.


Our Core Customer

CEO and or their leadership team with a fast growing & dynamic and value centric organization, that forever is striving to enhance simplicity and clarity. One that is passionate about both team and self investment, driven towards a big vision of the future and understands the journey need not be taken alone.

Simply exceptional executive coaching. A true investment in your business.

A. Duffy

SGL Canada

Kevin has done an outstanding job with and for his coaching clients. His level of caring, dedication, experience and client results are hard to come by. If you are thinking of engaging Kevin to help you grow your business, be ready for some positive change, personal growth, and improved profits!
D. Holstein


I value the Coaching we receive from Action Edge. In a few short months we have achieved sales results. Kevin and Jarod have provided our Team with sales tools that is driving our Customers profitability, which aligns with our brand promise.

R. Kammerer

Your Warranty Team

I wish we knew about Action Edge 6 years ago, who knows where we would be today.

D. Stokes

Exhibit Studio

This past year has been one of my most successful years at the Calgary Sport and Entertainment. I climbed the ranks as the top sales person of the year and exceeded past all my targets. We were awarded Account Executive of the year. Although the award only has my name on it, I truly believe that my executive coach Jarrod and I won this award together.

J. Schreiner

Calgary Flames

I learned how to set goals, manage our finances and most importantly, how to manage staff. I would highly recommend Jarrod and Kevin of Action Edge to anyone.

D. Sands

Priority Leasing

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