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Guiding organizations and leaders in their pursuit of transformative leadership, ethical governance, and political acumen. Through our dedicated Board and Governance Division, we equip board members, executives and top talent  with advanced insights, strategic tools, and personalized coaching. Revolutionizing boardrooms, our commitment is to foster global cultures of integrity, accountability, and visionary thinking. Supporting and navigating boards to proactive, adaptable models, promoting innovation and sustainable success in the dynamic landscape of corporate governance and political acumen.

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Who We Work With

Governance and Political Acumen coaching can be beneficial for a wide range of professionals within an organization. Here are some key groups:

Executives and Senior Leadership
CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other C-suite executives are often looking to enhance their leadership skills, decision-making processes, and strategic thinking through Corporate Governance coaching. 
Board Members
Chairs,Vice-Chairs, Secretaries & Individuals serving on boards of directors/trustees turn to us for a deeper understanding of best practices in corporate governance, compliance, and ethical decision-making.
Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
Business owners and entrepreneurs can benefit from coaching to establish robust governance structures and navigate political landscapes relevant to their industries.
Emerging Leaders and High-Potential Talent (Managers and Team Leaders)
Professionals identified as future leaders or high-potential talent within an organization can benefit from early exposure to corporate governance and political acumen principles to gain insights into navigating organizational politics, building strategic alliances, and effectively leading teams.
Human Resources & Risk Management Professionals
HR leaders can learn to align their practices with corporate governance principles, fostering a culture of accountability, transparency, and ethical behaviour within the organization. Individuals responsible for risk management can enhance their ability to identify, assess, and mitigate risks by incorporating corporate governance principles.
Government and Public Sector Leaders
Public sector executives and leaders can benefit from understanding political acumen to navigate complex government structures, policies, and stakeholder relationships.
First Nations Leaders and Administrators
First Nations groups are poised to drive much of the economic development in Canada. To support this, their Leadership can benefit from good Council Governance, efficacy and political acumen to navigate ever more competitive and complex partnerships with other governmental and stakeholder organizations.
Nonprofit and NGO Leaders
Leaders in the nonprofit sector can use coaching to strengthen governance practices, enhance board effectiveness, and navigate the unique challenges of the nonprofit landscape.

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Ever committed to reshaping and improving confidence, abilities, disciplines, and execution in all things boards, and board governance – our executive coaches have pledged to conduct four (4) complimentary consultative and explorative discussions every month. To really dig in, sessions will be 1.5 to 2 hrs and although we do not promise we will be a fit for you and your organization, we do promise you’ll receive value, and receive our professional prescription of what deem necessary/appropriate for you and your organization/board based on our discussion and diagnostic exploration. Fill out our brief and confidential form to request your complimentary consultation today.

In my capacity as the Speaker of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly, I had the honour of working closely with Munir Haque on numerous occasions. Munir’s impact as a community leader transcended our legislative interactions, leaving an enduring imprint on our collaborative efforts. His strategic vision, coupled with a keen understanding of community needs and an ability to anticipate long-term implications, ensured our actions resonated positively with constituents and community.
Munir’s honesty and straightforward communication style facilitated transparent discussions, creating an environment where ideas and solutions could be efficiently mapped out. He is a catalyst for positive change. Munir’s strategic foresight, candid communication, and approachable demeanor make him not just a trusted advisor but a cherished ally in our shared pursuit of better governance and community well-being.

Mark Docherty, Former Speaker of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly

I had the pleasure of working with Munir and I found he genuinely listens and provided insightful guidance, always considering the bigger picture.

Diana Hawryluk, Principal Veracity Planning Solutions Inc.

It has been a pleasure working with Munir in various capacities over the years. His consistent demonstration of exceptional qualities as a valuable member of the development industry has significantly enriched both our organization and the industry at large. Munir’s commitment to integrity, openness, and active participation coupled with his insightful perspective is evident in every action, reflecting a strong sense of social, ethical, and economic responsibility. Munir’s ability to approach issues with a critical eye, considering multiple perspectives, allows him to develop reasonable and balanced solutions for all parties involved. In his previous capacity as Chair of our RRHBA Developers Committee, he skillfully aligned the needs of diverse members and narrowed their focus on only the key issues needed for resolution with the municipality. Munir’s leadership has been instrumental in navigating challenges and fostering positive outcomes.

Stu Niebergall, President & CEO, RRHBA (Regina & Region Home Builders Association)

The Boardroom 180 PODCAST

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Hosted by AEX executive coach and Governance Division Lead, Munir Haque – the Boardroom 180 PODCAST reveals candid conversations with seasoned experts & visionaries, exploring the latest strategies, trends, challenges and success stories with the trailblazers at the forefront of ethical leadership. A peek into the inner sanctum of boardrooms, where decisions shape industries and define legacies. We’ll hear the good, the bad, and the ugly…


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Whether you’re a C-Suiter, Executive Director, or a member of a corporate, non-profit, professional, sports, or government Board your experiences matter. We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire, educate, and empower the governance community. Guests will will the chance to:

  • Share YOUR Insights: Your successes, failures, and innovations in the world of governance
  • Connect with YOUR Peers: Engage with a diverse audience of professionals passionate about effective leadership and governance practices
  • Impact YOUR Community Your story can make a meaningful impact on fellow leaders navigating the complexities of the boardroom


About the Host:

Munir Haque (ma•near hawk)
MBA, MLA, BEnvDes, BSc
Executive Coach & Senior Board Strategist
Management Consultant | Certified Change Practitioner
Board Governance & Political Acumen Lead @ ActionEdge

Munir has partnered with Canada’s Top Executive Development Firm, ActionEdge Executive Development to lead their – Governance & Political Acumen Division. He has 20 years of management consulting and strategy experience in government, governance, and the land development industry. Munir has been a change leader in multinational & small corporations and held key government positions managing relationships on key sensitive regional, community, First Nations, and economic development files. He has provided governance on numerous professional, cultural and community Boards in western Canada.

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