5 Disciplines Training


The 5 Disciplines will serve as the foundational framework from which your senior leadership team builds the organization’s non-negotiable objectives.


Great companies are not great via happenstance; they have become great through hard work, discipline, and a consistent bedrock encompassing the core areas that they have identified need constant strategic thinking and execution planning. For the mid-market organizations and corporations we work with – The 5 Disciplines are adopted as that consistent bedrock. The 5 Disciplines are interconnected principles that, in practice, will:

  • ensure alignment of senior leadership regarding top company objectives and priorities
  • encourage exponential company growth when given equal focus and attention
  • ensure your organization is always ‘serving’ your 5 key constituents
  • allow progress towards becoming a sustainable, predictable, stable, and consistent company with an emotional connection to your customers, community, and your team 

The 5 Disciplines at a Glance


Mission is not profound words brilliantly crafted and then swiftly forgotten, it’s a resolute purpose that everyone inside and outside the company understands. An ongoing commitment to the Discipline of Mission enables a company to forge significant and lasting emotional connections with all stakeholders.


Your business strategy is the calibrated pronunciation of the way you do business. Made up of two main components: where you want to go (your objectives), and the critical path that gets you. Mastering this Disciplines makes your company sustainable.

Business Development

Business Development encompasses much more than just sales. This Discipline focuses intensively on serving customers instead of just making sales. Strict attention to, and consistent practice in, this Discipline yields predictability, the elusive grand prize for any business.


A simple truth to embrace leads to success within the Discipline of People: Leaders don’t build business, leaders develop their people, and their people build the business. When CEOs believe and act on this premise, everything streams from there. This Discipline focuses on building stability.


Execution concerns a commitment to routine and adherence to organizational discipline. Here we build assurance within individuals and teams that you are capable, predictable, and dependable. Mastering this Discipline manufactures consistency in your organization.


5 Disciplines Training

The scope and context of the 5 Disciplines Training is arrived at following a consultative conversation with one of our team members. It is encouraged that you have your senior leadership team complete The 5 Disciplines Assessment prior to investing in the 5 Disciplines Training.

The 5 Disciplines Training is often completed over zoom, or sometimes on location at one of our primary western Canadian offices. With the 5 Disciplines Training we usually will limit the number of participants to 8 total, although this can be discussed in our initial conversations. The 5 Disciplines Training is included in many of our programs, as well as available as a stand alone training. The 5 Disciplines Assessment, followed by the 5 Disciplines Training is a common starting point for many of our client organizations.