Jarrod Stanton

Managing Partner 

@ Action Edge


  • Globally Awarded Coach & Firm 
  • 16,000+ hours frontline coaching
  • 350+ Workshops and Trainings Facilitated
  • OKR Certified Trainer and Facilitator



Jarrod is the co-founder and managing partner of Canada’s number one performing business coaching firm, and has been coaching, presenting, facilitating, and training business leaders, executives, and owners for 14 years. Personally recognized in the Chairman’s Club of ActionCOACH, the World’s #1 ranked coaching organization, Jarrod’s western Canadian firm has captured over a dozen awards for performance impact, and is consistently in the top 10 firms globally. Jarrod has been an ActionCOACH business coach since September 2006.




Jarrod has a storied education and work history with many personal and professional heights. He has worked in community Sport and Recreation, Education, and Business Ownership. After completing his Degree in Education, Jarrod worked as a School Teacher, then Principal, where he was responsible for guiding and inspiring the minds of future generations. Jarrod also has 6 years experience developing community education, sports and social programs in Beijing China and the Canadian North. He also taught, and coached within these programs, acting as a leader, mentor and role model, showing that he can practice what he preaches. Jarrod co-founded a 2010 start-up which grew to number one market share in Canada within two years while acquiring several mega-accounts across the US and Canada.


Coaching & Philanthropic Work


Operating and leading from a conviction that results will appear exactly when deserved and not a moment before, Jarrod both embodies and expects a commitment to preparation and practice. Jarrod has worked with executives and leaders in professional sports teams, international management consulting organizations, North American wide fuel corporations, and hundreds of mid-market enterprise companies. 

Jarrod is one of Canada’s certified OKR trainers and facilitators and has been on the leading edge of incorporating the Objective and Key Results methodology into the traditional aspects of executive coaching. 

As a business writer, Jarrod has authored several articles about business strategies, team building, and managing change. He is an intelligent and articulate coach who has a special ability for identifying problem areas in your business and presenting a focused and straightforward plan for change.

He has worked as a volunteer with the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, now Futurprenuer Canada, delivering quality industry guidance to our younger generation of entrepreneurs, giving them the tools and abilities to succeed. He also sits as Co- Chair of the Boxing Day Classic Foundation, an organization devoted to helping victims of Cancer, and other community initiatives.