Tracey Delfs, B.Kin, CPCC, CYT

Director, Mindset Performance Division

@ Action Edge


  • 20+ years working with top performers
  • Trusted by Olympians and CEOs
  • 100+ workshops delivered
  • 100,000+ Podcast subscribers




Organizational Impact

Over the last two decades Tracey has coached and facilitated presentations and workshops to owners, CEOs and employees of hundreds of businesses. She teaches practical mindset performance and stress management strategies and techniques that result in enhanced focus and productivity, a calmer mind, being less reactive and increasing one’s resilience to change and challenges. Her clients have also reported an overall improved sense of well-being, decreased stress levels, sleeping better, feeling happier and having a more positive mindset.


Tracey has also had a positive impact on athletes from a number of Canada’s National teams including the Canadian National Alpine, Freestyle, Cross-Country Ski, Biathlon and Surf teams, as well as Britain’s National Biathlon team. She has taught these athletes mindset performance and mindfulness techniques and strategies to enhance their ability to calm their mind, manage their emotions and stay present during competition. Tracey has helped athletes get on the podium at various World Cup competitions, as well as at the Salt Lake and Vancouver Olympics. She has observed that the athletes who can stay mentally and emotionally composed during competition are usually the ones that win medals. Similarly, business leaders that master these mindset skills are better able to guide their businesses and their personal lives towards success. 



Coaching & Facilitation History

Tracey is the founder of the wellness company Balance Quest, and for more than two decades has educated others how to live a calmer, more focused and happier life.  Tracey is a stress management and mindset performance coach, mindfulness teacher and mental wellness workshop facilitator/presenter for business leaders, employees, Olympic athletes and the general public. Over the last twenty years Tracey has led over 70 mindfulness, meditation and yoga retreats.  She has more than 100,000 followers from around the world on her Calm Mind Mindfulness Meditations podcast. Her passion is to teach others how to calm their minds, enjoy the present moment and support them in living the best version of themselves professionally and personally.