Jillian Kruschell

Diversity and Inclusion Training and Implementation Lead | Senior Facilitator

@ Action Edge



A seasoned female leader, Jillian has extensive experience working with a full spectrum of organizations from small businesses to internationally-recognized brands.

At Inclusion by Libra, Jillian leads a team who work with organizations to integrate diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging into business strategy. Libra specializes in working with young companies, and brings a DEI lens to the professionalization of small business by creating policies and procedures rooted in employee well being.
Drawing on a Bachelor’s in Management alongside 13 years of experience in fast-growing companies, Jillian combines a nimble approach to strategy, process design and project management with a passion for delivering excellent customer service.

As founder and CEO, Jillian brings a personalized touch to business. She works closely with clients to tailor solutions to their unique needs and ensure the consistent and dependable provision of high quality results.